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Ki Longfellow-Stanshall

Vivian Stanshall (Neil's fellow Bonzo Dog Band member) appeared in episode 17 of the Innes Book of Records.

Writer Ki Longfellow-Stanshall is the widow of Vivian and she was there when the IBoR crew invaded their houseboat to shoot the sequence. Here's how she remembers that day.

We lived on the pencil-thin World War I submarine chaser "Searchlight" down a long muddy towpath next to the gush rushing Thames. Vivian wouldn't go to the London studio, so they came to him. No Neil. Just all these blokes trying not to ruin their shoes. They carried godswot, some of which must have weighed a ton, and with all this they creaked up our shaky gangplank to find, as usual, V half in his cups. Or theirs if they had any. No matter. They expected that. Everyone set about doing their job. One of which, as I said, was to blue out his studio windows for filmic jiggerypokery. And then they set up a huge camera. V loved cameras of any kind. I have no idea if he'd prepared for all this. I do recall he'd forgotten they were coming and so had I. Neither of us had the decency to offer the poor things a cuppa. But then, you should have seen our tea mugs.

Anyhoo, cameras rolling caused V to roll. He was very very good at off-the-top-of-head stuff. I am sure this was that kind of thing. And then they packed up, took their blue stuff off the windows, and creaked away. I'll bet that we forgot all about them before they reached the end of the towpath. And this was because V and I led such a varied and interesting life that a visit from Brainwashing House was no big deal.

Ki, Vivian and their daughter Silky in the 80s




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