Happy Birthday Neil!
Hope to see you soon!
-Tom Sparrow

Happy 6-0 from the Crane's -
Come back to Indiana SOON

"A Birthday"
by Harvey J.Satan

Too many candles to fit on one cake.
Too many memories to sing in one take.
Birthdays cause one to reflect and think,
Some of memories blue,some of memories pink.
Be happy you're here,and in this reality,
For one day you won't,
So goes mortality!

by TOR of the Neil Innes mailing list

Happy Birthday Neil, and thanks for some of the best shows I have ever been privileged to have witness. Keep on Rutling!

Rutling Purton Gas

Neil, Happy 60th birthday. I saw you when you performed at McCabes and continued to be impressed with your talent. I look forward to your future albums and performances.

John Alexander Hall

Neil you've done it
Neil you're there
and along the way you have lost your hair
the mind is strong
and the teeth still fixity
so glad to hear you have reached sixity!

Cuthbert J Twillie

Today you
are this many!